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At the helm of Chahal Aviation, Sunil handles the daily responsibilities of running our company, and takes the lead on finding the best consulting solutions for each client that comes our way.

His professional expertise ranges from sales, acquisitions, leasing and charters, to aircraft management, issues management and crew support. 

Sunil holds a degree in marketing and communications, and has earned nearly a decade of experience in the business aviation industry.

His understanding of the market is vast, and he is an expert in managing client relationships, so he will be the first person to take you through everything you need to sell, acquire, lease, or charter an aircraft.


Herb comes with over 45 years of experience in the business and commercial aviation industry. Most recently, Herb served as the Managing Director for the Asia region at ACASS before leaving to establish his role in this company. 

From his start as an aircraft maintenance engineer, to his leadership roles in business aviation, his expertise covers a wide range in the industry. He is particularly skilled in consulting on sales, maintenance, flight safety, training, and accident investigation. 

His role at Chahal Aviation is to oversee all company strategy, including how to increase revenue through aircraft transactions, as well as lead the team on technical consulting. 


As Legal Director, Nikesh’s role is to oversee all contracting and legal affairs for our company. Whether you need a legal review of your own documents or a whole new set of documents for an aircraft transaction, Nikesh is always ready to help. 

Nikesh possesses a degree in law, and specializes professionally in aviation contract law, leasing, and financing.

He has extensive knowledge in both the commercial and business aviation industries through his work for numerous airlines and business aviation stakeholders.


With over a decade of experience in business, as well as a passion for progress and gender equality in the aviation industry, Katy’s role in Chahal Aviation extends far beyond the basic operations of our team. 

On a day-to-day basis, Katy manages the company financials, human resources, as well as the overall administration of the company. On a greater level, Katy takes the lead on company strategy and CSR, particularly through her Women in Aviation Asia (WiAA) project to plan events and educational opportunities. 

Katy possesses a business degree as well as an MBA in business management, and has substantial experience in events planning and management, and has worked with companies of all sizes across the world to organize air shows and various industry events.


Madison comes to our team with nearly a decade of experience in communications, creative marketing, and public relations.

On a day-to-day basis, she handles all things website, social media, press engagement and digital marketing, but always has time to help you build your profile and visibility in this industry.

With a particular fluency in client and stakeholder relations, she’s the first person you’ll want to talk to in order to find the creative solutions you’re looking for.