Our Services

Representation in aircraft sales 
& acquisitions

Whether you’re looking to purchase or sell, we work tirelessly to represent the unique needs of our clients in aircraft business dealings.

In an industry that can be difficult to navigate, we are here to offer clarity and certainty. We leverage our experience and our extensive global network to ensure that we are providing you with clear, up-to-date information and the insight required to get the best deal, as efficiently as possible.

Overall, we will act as the liaison between sellers, buyers, operators, as well as legal representatives to ensure everything is taken care of, worry-free.

Representation in leasing

If you’re not quite ready to acquire an aircraft, and looking for an alternative travel solution, our team can assist you through every aspect of a leasing arrangement.

Whether it is a dry-lease (aircraft only), an ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance) or a hybrid of the two options, our access to the network of aircraft across the globe allows us to get creative and find both short or long-term leasing solutions that others might not know exist.

As always, we work hard to ensure you are always getting the best deal for the aircraft that best suits your needs.

Charter bookings

Whether you need a quick solution for interstate travel or an intercontinental flight for a planned trip, we take care of the booking process for your aircraft charter.

Our job is to not only source the right aircraft that suits your requirements (in both comfort level and budget) but we also look after all of your specific requests, from catering needs to ground transportation, as well as accessibility services from door-to-door to ensure a seamless and successful journey.  

Most importantly, we always take care to ensure that all elements of the flight are in line with the relevant Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations to guarantee the safety and well-being of every passenger.

Contract development
& legal support

All sales, leases, and charters come with a considerable amount of legal documentation, including letters of intent (LOI), term sheets, purchase agreements and other related contracts. Our legal team will draft and review all respective agreements to ensure you are legally protected on all sides of your aircraft deal.

Our team has expertise in a broad range of legal services to help provide you clear, informed advice that ensures you get the best deal possible. We’re particularly versed in cross-border transactions, and not just limited to aircraft, but also engine leasing and trading. As well, we have considerable experience dealing with industry-leading MROs, OEMs, and third-party contractors. 

Overall, whether it’s for a private or commercial transaction, we will be there for you every step of the way.

Technical consulting

To ensure your aircraft meets all safety standards to be cleared for flight, we will arrange for the necessary technical and maintenance experts to examine the aircraft prior to any sale & acquisition, lease, or charter. This ensures you are getting the quality and safety you deserve in an aircraft. 

When an aircraft requires scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, from minor inspections to 96 or 120 month checks, to entire refurbishments, we work with these technical partners to slot the aircraft in with as little disruption to your schedule as possible. Additionally, we have the expertise to provide in-depth technical oversight on pre-purchase inspections to help reduce costs, as well as review the work and all related reports, while keeping you informed every step of the way. Once your inspections are completed and your aircraft is returned to service, we arrange and oversee its immediate return to you. 

Events planning

In this industry, it can be particularly beneficial for your company to participate in large events such as air shows, as well as to host your own events. Aviation events can help to broaden your horizons or understand the cultural differences between companies across the world, vital aspects of doing business on a global scale. Participating in and hosting events can also provide a better understanding of the aviation community locally.

In short, networking in the aviation industry can be essential to growing your business, increasing your private fleet size, or simply connecting with other stakeholders with similar interests. Whether you’d like to host an event, participate in an international air show, or partner with an NGO to raise awareness for a topic that matters to your company, we take care of all planning and logistics for these events.

public relations

In this current market, it is imperative to build a strong company image, and maintain a message that is true to you and your company’s values. This can be communicated in a number of ways, including but not limited to social media, company websites, professional logos and branding, email newsletters, as well as physical materials such as shirts and merchandise.

Whether you’re looking to increase online visibility for your company, build your brand from scratch, or create awareness for a specific announcement, our marketing team is able to assess your needs, and offer you the unique solutions to properly communicate it to your target audience.